от лат. resono — откликаюсь

Fr. resonance, from Lat. resono – respond

Resonance with the reality
Resonance - excitation of vibrations of one body by vibrations of the other, and also the response sound of one of the bodies, tuned in unison; the reality – is the objective world in the diversity of its links (Ozhegov's Russian Language Dictionary).
Such designation of his creative credo may be somehow pretentious, but truly relating to the inner sense.
When you start a poem, you never know where the word will lead you. And more often, it leads to rather unexpected way. On the other hand, it is almost always clear what picture you will get, but it turns out a little bit different, because reality is always more interesting and richer than our imagination and, what’s even more, representations you get about it. Therefore, in the laboratory, showing a picture, you can often unexpectedly discover important details, uncommitted by your mind while shooting. On the third hand, being in the process of interaction with reality, the only important matter is in what condition you are. Whether there is a resonance or not. Texts and photographs are about it.