от лат. resono — откликаюсь

 In the book "Between the black and white"
Alexander Filippov «Between white and black». St. Petersburg., 2004.
The SINGER of solitary walks, Alexander Filippov, gives to his pictures unassuming titles: "Luke", "Waterfront", "Splash", "Streetcar", "Dishes". On these pictures there is a frozen geometric world in a lethargic sleep which pulsates and is willing to say: "At the bottom of the yard, cracked walls of well," but the line moves down to the prosody track, hangs, the breath goes astray. It’s chilly. And it has started to snow. The text is unfinished, the exposure is incorrect, Leblon’s plan is not realized. But an eternal gap between utopia and its ruins still remains, between black and white. That’s how we live.
Alexander Skidan
100% Red. In 2005. № 2. p. 98.
Alexander Filippov between white and black. St. Petersburg., 2004.
Dmitry Ravinsky PITERbook. 2005. №3. p. 46.